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Learn Apple Logic Pro Advanced (in only 7 hours)

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Course Description: Logic Pro has many advanced features that unleash it’s true potential. And Logic is well known for its ability to record and playback midi and audio. But it’s 30 instruments and over 70 plug-in effects can leave a beginner or intermediate user overwhelmed. The available resources are powerful, providing you know what to do with them. This video course will unlock that mystery. Join Logic expert Christopher Miller as he shows users how to get the most out of Logic Pro. He even covers Standard notation work flow and it's plug-ins, and demonstrates a never-before seen method for performing live called “position-based performance”. This new method created by course instructor Christopher Miller will enable more instruments and plug-ins than with track based methods. This video course’s in-depth instruction will speed up your daily work flow in editing and production, as well as show you many short cuts to streamline your production and performance needs. Many Logic song files are included so you can follow along as techniques are demonstrated. To begin learning Logic Pro Advanced today, simply click on one of the links.

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Video Tutorials Included: 116 Free Video Video Time

Speeding up Workflow

Commercial Production / Media Management

Automation / Fades and Ctrl Surfaces

Music for Film or TV

Standard Notation

Virtual Instruments and Plug-Ins

Live Performance

Other Applications