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Learn Apple iLife 06 (in only 7 hours)

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Course Description: Apple iLife ’06 allows you to use your Mac to collect, organize, and edit various elements to get the most out of your digital life. VTC author, Dwayne Ferguson, shows users how to maximize the potential of this powerful creative suite. Ferguson demonstrates the usefulness of GarageBand, iPhoto, iMovie HD, iDVD, iTunes, iWeb---six superb tightly integrated tools. Create websites and blogs complete with podcasts, photos, and movies with iWeb. Import, organize, and enhance photos with iPhoto. Edit video footage using iMovie HD. Add songs to your photo album or video with iTunes, or create your own music using GarageBand. Share your finished slideshows, movie projects and musical compositions on DVD with iDVD. To begin learning today, simply click on one of the iLife ’06 lessons.

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Video Tutorials Included: 121 Free Video Video Time

iPhoto Publishing

iMovie HD




iLife Project: Movie

iLife Project: Podcast

iLife Project: Website


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