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Course Description: Make your own cartoons! That is the beauty of Flash. Anyone with an idea can create their very own cartoons and animations and share them with the world on the Internet. In this tutorial VTC author and experienced animator Dwayne Ferguson will show you all the steps to creating your very own animations. From concept to planning, to creating and publishing. With "Animating In Flash" you will have the knowledge and skills to create your own animations for everyone to see. To begin learning today, simply click on one of the Animating In Flash lessons.

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Video Tutorials Included: 102 Free Video Video Time



Case Study: Silencer

Basic Animation Techniques

Morph Animation

Creation in External Applications

Drawing & Scanning

Creation Within Flash

Character Preparation

Project 1 - Talking Toast Show

Voice Overs

Lip Sync

Character Animation

Timing Sound Effects

Using Video

Special Effects

Disecting the Film - The Window Pain

Project Two - GodLeezard Attacks!

Optimizing Files


Wrap Up