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Learn Adobe Photoshop Advanced Artistry (in only 11 hours)

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Course Description: Virtual Training Company author Jayse Hansen takes users through advanced aspects of Adobe Photoshop as it relates to fine art, commercial art, etc. He teaches users new advanced retouching and tone enhancement techniques. Learn subtle techniques for color correction, as well as more dramatic techniques for creating illusions intended to fool the eye. Learn to manipulate tone and create metal, stone, and porcelain skin textures with ease. Traditional photographic techniques such as creating cross-processed, chroma key, or infrared looks are all covered. To start learning today, simply click on one of the video tutorials below.

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Video Tutorials Included: 153 Free Video Video Time

Focus and Center Of Interest Adjustments

Fine Art Tone

Fine Art Photographic Effects

Fine Art People Skin Techniques

Fine Art Landscapes-Atmosphere Techniques

Natural Media Art Techniques

Grain And Noise

Special Effects

Photographic Edges And Borders

Fine Art Typography

Compositing-Bringing Images Together

Project Case Studies