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Course Description: Virtual Training Company's Adobe Photoshop 5 Techniques tutorial is perfect for those who want to expand their skills with Photoshop. This tutorial is aimed at those with prior experience and a working knowledge of Photoshop 5, particularly those who have viewed Virtual Training Company's Photoshop 5 tutorial (ISBN#1889347507). Ian Cowles demonstrates a different project in every chapter to help you learn some of the more advanced concepts and popular techniques of Photoshop 5. Some of the techniques he covers include pillow emboss, floating wood, eye candy, hair simulation, and froth and bubbles. To get started, simply click one of the topics below.

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Wild Type

Mobile Phone Design

Liquid CD Cover

Story Illustration

Gymtech Logo

Magazine Illustration

Blend Mania

Chocolate Milk Carton

VTC Artwork

Digital Contact Sheet