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Learn Adobe Photoshop 5/5.5 (in only 9 hours)

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Course Description: Adobe Photoshop is a world standard image editing solution widely used for web design, prepress production, fine art, as well as digital photography. Learn how to use Photoshop 5 and 5.5 in this Virtual Training Company tutorial. Rita Amladi will start by guiding you through setting up your preferences and teaching you the basics of collage and retouching. You will also learn how to manipulate color, masking, filters, and much more in this tutorial. Go and ahead and start today by simply clicking one of the topics below.

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Video Tutorials Included: 162 Free Video Video Time

Introduction to Photoshop 5

Navigation Tools

Painting Tools

Palettes and Operations

Selection Tools

Path Tools

Type Tools

Miscellaneous Tools

Navigation and Image Basics

Setting Up


Basic Compositing and Collage

Basic Retouching

Working with a Files History

Channels and Color Modes

Color Correction and Image Editing

Color Manipulation

Selections and Masking

Fun with Filters

Printing and Color Separations