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Learn Adobe AIR & PHP Development (in only 11 hours)

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Course Description: Adobe AIR is a cross-platform, lightweight deployment environment based on Adobe's Flash Player. It combines the expressiveness of Flash with the familiarity and features of traditional desktop applications. Combined with the server-side power and flexibility of PHP, Adobe AIR applications are redefining Rich Internet Application (RIA) development. This video course, by seasoned Flex/AIR and PHP integration specialist Richard Bates, is designed for PHP developers at all skill levels. Viewers will learn AIR fundamentals and advanced integration techniques using real-world applications and common feature-set requirements. Work files are included. Online training videos are great for individuals and companies.

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Video Tutorials Included: 118 Free Video Video Time


Getting Familiar with Flex Builder

AIR Development Basics

ActionScript 3 Primer

PHP & AIR Overview



Customizing AIR Interfaces

Advanced AIR & PHP Part 1

Advanced AIR & PHP Part 2

Sometimes-Connected Applications

Going Public with Your Application

Wrap Up & Next Steps