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Learn Adobe After Effects CS3 (in only 7 hours)

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Course Description: Adobe® After Effects® is the essential tool for creating motion graphics and visual effects for film, video, DVD, and the Web. After Effects provides the speed, precision, and power to be visually innovative, yet still meet production challenges, with the utmost quality. Whether you want to color correct footage, add special effects or even generate exciting motion graphics, After Effects can do it all. In this VTC course, Dwayne Ferguson, a professional animator and television art director, will show users step by step, how to get the most out of this powerful application. Users will learn the interface, cameras and lighting, animation and more. Two exciting projects at the end of the course will help reinforce skills. Work Files are included. To begin learning Adobe After Effects CS3, simply click on one of the lessons.

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Video Tutorials Included: 122 Free Video Video Time





Parent and Nest


Work with Text

Special Effects

Render and Output

Keying and Tracking

Painting and Masks

Work with Audio

Puppet Tool

Edit Video

3D Space

Work with CS 3 Applications

Saving and Exporting

Advanced Animation

Project: City Life Bumper

Project: Nessie Puppet


Wrap Up