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Course Description: Recording artist, producer, and engineer Jonathan Kagi will guide you through the exciting world of audio and multimedia production. You will learn every detail of running ACID, along with many of the other popular production applications on your PC, such as Cakewalk Sonar and Fruity Loops. You will learn to correctly outfit your computer and turn it into a full-blown production studio. This series has it all- audio, MIDI, video, songwriting, technical and theory. Learn about all the new and emerging technologies in the world of digital production, including Pure Wave and Firewire audio, and hot new video applications like Arkaos VJ, and Vegas. Turn your PC into powerhouse workstation and generate media in the format of your choice. Click a movie topic below to get started right away.

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Video Tutorials Included: 127 Free Video Video Time

Course Primer

  • Training Objective 3.37

CD Extras


Drivers and Hardware

The Acid Window

Customizing Acid


Acid Projects


Editing Events

Working in the Track View

The Chopper


Working with Tracks

Non-MIDI Tracks (Audio Tracks)

MIDI Tracks

Yamaha - Open Plug-in Technology (OPT)

Using the Mixer


Vegas Video


Waves DSP



Akaos VJ

Native Instruments

Fruity Loops