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Course Description: Digital Photography is quickly becoming the new and most creative way to capture images without the worry & cost of film! Professional Photographer and author of "The Digital Photography Bible," Ken Milburn will teach you the most common digital camera components & the fundamentals of using your digital camera to get the best possible images. This tutorial also covers proper composition, focus, depth of field, lighting, and more. Ken will also introduce you to two of the most popular image editing programs, Photoshop 7 & Photoshop Elements. This VTC tutorial will have you shooting & editing like a pro in no time! Just click on one of the video tutorials below to get started today.

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Video Tutorials Included: 114 Free Video Video Time



Shooting Modes

Special Scene Modes


Composing the Picture

Controlling Focus

Using the Built-in Light Meter

When to Use a Tripod

When the Going Gets Tough

Things Only a Digital Camera Can Do

Managing Images

Imaging Editing Tools



Self Teaching Routines (Photoshop Elements Only)

Correcting Exposure

Color Balance Effects

Enhancing Contrast

Selecting and Protecting Specific Areas of the Photo

Making a Fictitious Photo

Painting with Filters